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Snooze button, Swallowing Pills, A Dance-inspired Circuit and A Homemade Egg McMuffin

on September 24, 2013

Today has been a “finally getting things done” kind of day.  Thanks to the help of Chad and his snooze button I was able to get up around 4 am and start the day.  I know all of us have (including me) pushed that snooze button from time to time, but in all seriousness….what the heck!  Who decided to make this button?  All it does is cause problems.  You either hit it when you shouldn’t and you are late or you are like my husband and hit it four times deliriously until the person that’s lying in bed with you WIDE AWAKE! I had to lay down the line and tell him that either he stops pressing snooze or I sleep in the guest room.  You may think I’m crazy, but lack of sleep is a huge trigger for me and my eating disorder.  Yes, I consider myself recovered, but like any addiction – you make it through a day at a time, you are still tempted and it’s still sort of with you no matter what.  I keep hoping that one day I will wake up and not think about food, calories, losing weight, size zero pants, other women’s slimmer figures, the scale, and extreme exercising, but every morning I wake up it’s usually the first thought I have on my mind.  Isn’t that sad?  I wonder if it’s like that for every addict.  If you’ve had an addiction do you still think about it?  or does this mean I’m not totally recovered?  Just wondering what you think.

Tonight was a little upsetting to me.  Ayden has been taking a medicine to help his dizziness go away.  He has been having shorter episodes, he’s not feeling dizzy (just lightheaded) and he did not throw up at all last week when he had his episode.  This is huge for us.  Today his Dr. upped his dosage by 10 mg in hope that we can totally stop these terrible episode every other month.  The problem is Ayden has expanders and can’t swallow his pills.  They get stuck on the roof of his mouth, then start burning his mouth.  We decided to crush them and have tried putting them in ice cream, applesauce, yogurt…you name it.  Anyways, tonight he was trying to eat it and was gagging and crying.  It makes me feel so bad for him.  I feel helpless sometimes because I want him to get better, but he told me he would rather be dizzy and sick than take it.  I just can’t allow that.  He is doing better and I want to see if this increase will help him break this cycle. I tried to explain it to him, but I fear tomorrow night will be the same.  Tears, gagging and arguing.  I hate it.  DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILD GET MEDICINE DOWN?  I’ve even tried Mary Poppins way….a spoonful of sugar and it didn’t help the medicine go down.

My workout today was walking baby Elijah for 30 minutes and when he took a nap I did this dance-inspired circuit.  I liked that it was different, but I don’t know if I liked the circuit that much.  I must say the second time through I was feeling it in certain places.  My thighs, arms and buttocks.  It was nice to have a change.


For breakfast this morning I had a homemade Bacon Egg McMuffin. This is not my pic =(

Here’s what you need-

Whole wheat English Muffin

1 Egg

1 Slice of Bacon

Slice of Cheese (optional) I didn’t use any today, but I get my from Royal Crest or use laughing cow

Sea Salt


-Sugar free syrup (optional) I was in the mood for a drizzle  of sweetness

I got these healthy English muffins where the Kashi waffles were located and I throw away the box because it got all soggy in the car.  I wish I hadn’t because I have no idea what kind they are and I like them and will most likely never be able to find them again.  I cut it in half and placed it in the toaster oven.  I sprayed my skillet with olive oil spray and put on medium heat.  I put in my slice of bacon and cooked it, then my eggs.  When I make a breakfast sandwich I wait till the yoke has cooked, so it doesn’t ooze out, but that’s up to you. I cover my eggs to cook them a little faster and sprinkle on some sea salt and pepper.  Then I take one side of my muffin and put my egg and bacon on it then I drizzled it with syrup and put on the top.  BLISS!



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