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Deciding If Something Is Worth Saying, 2 Circuits and My Oatmeal Mood

on October 13, 2013

I’m in a pickle. There is something I would like to discuss with someone, but I don’t know if it’s worth talking about. I’m sure I’ve been in this position before and I’m sure you have too. I need make a decision and fast.

What I have to say is not mean, but it is uncomfortable for me to talk about. I’ve only discussed my issue with hubby and one other person. They both say I should say something, but that still doesn’t mean that I should. Ugg. I wish I could give more details, but I can’t.

My question is how do you decide whether something is worth saying? Do you have a mental check list? I dunno. I just hate bouncy this back and forth in my head.

Friday I had two little ones, so that was my off day. Saturday I did a Living Room Circuit. Then today it so beautiful outside I did a Outdoor Circuit. It was a nice change. I can  really tell I’m getting stronger and in shape. I haven’t ran that much lately but today I ran for 30 minutes and I was fine. That’s not that long, but it’s good for me. Day 1 I almost didn’t make it 5 minutes. Here are the circuits….

It’s been kind of chilly in the morning and I’ve been in an oatmeal mood. I think my favorite was my pear oatmeal. Today I had oatmeal with Apple. Something about cinnamon and pears is just so delicious.

I mixed 1/2 cup oats with 1 cup water. I chopped up my pear (apple) and tossed it in. Then I added a dash of sea salt, Stevia and cinnamon. Nuked for 2 minutes. Oatmeal seemed a little more watery with the fruit, but I liked the change. Then I added a tbsp peanut butter and drizzled it with sugar free syrup. Nuked for 30 more seconds. Ate. Delish.

I bought some pumpkin puree and a new target brand coffee called buttery rum. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!


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