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Periods, PMS – Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders & Reese’s French Toast Sandwich – Weird combo HA!

on October 8, 2013

WARNING! This post contains TMI, but the ladies can all relate.  I have never had a regular period.  The first time I had my menstrual cycle I was 17 years old.  After I had it once I don’t even remember when I got it again.  Probably not for another year or so.  I always wondered if it meant that I wouldn’t be able to have kids.  I got on birth control when I was around 20 (I think) to regulate my periods.  I was told that this would be beneficial in the long run. I didn’t like the way the birth control made me feel.  Maybe I just didn’t like having my period?  I know it made me get acne for the first time in my life.  I felt like a pimply, bloated, emotional cow.  I decided I didn’t want to take it anymore.  

Well, right when I was about to be 24 I got the news that I was preggers.  I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, in fact I was cheering for the Texans.  I was devastated and afraid.  I wanted to cheer! I wanted to finish school! I wanted to be married! I didn’t want to tell my parents! CRAP! I truly thought it was probably impossible for me to have a baby without having a period. 

Charles Weston Ayden Selby was born (almost) nine months later and we were joyful.   All the fear was gone.  I was absolutely in love or should I say, ENCHANTED with our baby boy.  After experiencing motherhood I imaged our family growing.  I always desired at least 3 kiddos.  I still picture brushing my little girls hair and imagine a house full of children.  Sadly, after Ayden was born I never regained my period again except for when I was nursing, which is the only time your not suppose to get your period, well with the exception of pregnancy.  I don’t know why?  I just stopped ovulating.  I’ve tried clomid and estrogen….you name it, with no luck. 

As weird as it may sound I started taking Zoloft in February and by April I was having a period.  I think it may have been that I put on weight with the Zoloft or that it helped my stress level, but somehow I’ve had it almost every month or every other month.  I thought that meant I was ovulating again, but it doesn’t.  You can have your period and not ovulate?  Strange! What’s the point then?  Just to feel like crap a few weeks out of every month.  There is ONE THING that is new to me.  I never got tender breasts when I had a period before.  Now about 4-5 days before I start my breasts hurt.  They feel like hard lumps.  I hate it. Does anyone else have this?  Ugg.  It’s like I’m finally realizing how it is to be a woman and it stinks.

Anyways, let me give you the circuit

Be careful if your boobs hurt.  The running about killed me. I need a super duper sports bra.

For breakfast I did the French toast thing again.  I heated up the griddle and sprayed it.  I took a tbsp of Adam’s peanut butter and mixed it with a tsp of Carob powder, a tbsp of protein powder and a splash of Almond breeze.  I stirred it all up and spread it on one slice of wheat bread.  I put the other slice of bread on top. I whisked one egg in a bowl and dipped my sandwich in. Turned and repeated.  Threw it on the griddle.  Flipped.  Placed on a plate.  Topped it with sugar free syrup and sprinkled on a little more Carob powder, sea salt and a few dark chocolate chips 🙂 


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