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Painting, Painting & Painting….3 circuits, Same Breakfast Different Fruit :)

on October 7, 2013

I’ve been away since Friday….OOPS! I have not stopped doing circuits and making my yummy breakfast recipes; I just haven’t posted them.  Chad was on quarters on Friday because he’s been having trouble breathing lately.  The Medic told him he has an upper respiratory infection.  Rest and relaxation was ordered for the Man Of The House.  However, we were on a mission and bored, so we painted.  We painted the entry way, living room, dining room and kitchen.  We didn’t make it down the hallway because after putting all the darn painters tape around every crevice in the kitchen we were about to lose our minds.





WE FINALLY ventured out today to Happy Apple Farms.  We had a NO ELECTRONICS trip to the farms.  We talked and laughed.  It was wonderful.  We got 3 pumpkins and some apples to make caramel apples with 🙂 

happy apple

Happy Apple 2

On Friday I did a timed circuit and I was sweating and panting like a dog.  I was really motivated by timing the workout.  Saturday, we painted from morning to night, so that was my off day.  Today I did two circuits.  One was for the butt and one was for abs.

This was Fridays…Before started I jogged in place for 5 minutes to warm up & I always stretch after a circuit.

This was today’s….Started with a 5 minute jog.  I did this circuit 2X, but the second time I did more isolated movements…fast and short.  I also did the ab circuitand ended with stretches.

As far as breakfast goes.  I have been making my fake fried PB & J – French Toast except everyday I have substituted a different fruit for the jelly. Friday, I put sliced bananas in the jelly’s place.  Saturday, I put sliced apples in the banana’s place (MY FAVORITE).  Today, I put oranges in the apples place.  Good, but I didn’t like the texture as much.  I’ve always thought oranges were juicy and delicious, but I never really get them.  I’ve always disliked their stringiness.  As a child I used to just suck the juice out and leave the rest behind.

So it’s exactly like Thursdays recipe…click here https://everchangingbutterfly.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/20-days-of-circuits-cardio-abs-stretch-fake-fried-pb-j/


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