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Yoga Circuit & Cereal

on October 3, 2013

Today I had a little baby to take care of….I just love the way little babies smell. I actually saw on Good Morning America that there is something in about a baby’s smell that triggers something inside a woman’s brain. Oh, babies are just so sweet, soft and adorable. What could be cuter than a baby laughing?  NOTHING! That’s what. 

Today’s workout had to be short and sweet. Yesterdays circuit kicked my butt and my legs felt tired, so I tried to find a Yoga style circuit to stretch a little.  I found a video that was sort of circuitish and was only 30 minutes FAST (not long).  Just Copy and paste…actually just click below


I haven’t had cereal in a while, so this morning I busted out my shredded wheat – NO SUGAR IN THIS CEREAL! The serving size is 1 1/4 cups and that’s exactly how much I had. I added 2 Tbsp of Almond slivers and a little over a tbsp of raisins. I poured on my unsweetened Almond Breeze milk.  Added a little salt, stevia and cinnamon and dove in. It was good and satisfying.  I LOVE CEREAL.  The sugar cereals were a huge trigger for me when I would binge eat, so I try not to even have a bite of them. It causes a frenzy in my brain, just like those babies 🙂



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