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Obsessed With Goodwill, Perfect 10 Legs, & Healthy Toaster Waffles

on October 2, 2013

I LOVE GOODWILL ❤ I don’t know if this is just a Colorado thing or what? but let me tell you I find all kinds of good stuff.  Today I found too much good stuff 😮 I think I may be in trouble when Chad gets home.  They have such good deals, it’s hard to pass anything up. I got 3 cushions for our bar stools, a rug for our bathroom, pillow cases, 3 patterned pumpkin decorations, a cute scare crow doll, a BOO sign, cute wooden decoration with 3 black cats and pumpkins, a cloth sign that say’s Happy Fall, 3 flower pot sticks that have scarecrows and pumpkins on them, 2 pairs of sport pants for Ayden, snow overalls for Ayden, 3 jackets for muah, three shirts for me and socks. I didn’t forget about Chad. I got him a flag case for his American flag and awards. Ah! It was a good day! I was only in Goodwill for 2 hours. I went in to get an ironing board and came out with everything but 🙂

Since I worked out my arms yesterday I decided to work out my legs today

Get the perfect 10 legs- no burpies today – hurray! In very fine print at the bottom you will see that for lunges, step ups and leg lifts you should do each leg 10 times.  I’m repeating 3 times and adding dumbbells to some of the moves.

For breakfast I had my healthy Flax waffles. I popped them in the toaster oven.  While they were cooking a put 1/2 bacon in the microwave and cooked it.  I chopped the bacon up into bacon bits.  I took out my waffles.  Spread nut butter on them and sprinkled on bacon bits.  I put a very small amount of honey on top.  Then warmed it all up in the microwave – 20 seconds.  It was yummy, but it didn’t really satisfy me.  Next time I would at a chopped up nana on top. 


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