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Sunday, Sky, All About Arms, & Oatmeal again

on September 30, 2013

Sunday is a strange day.  It’s my favorite day and my least favorite day- all in one.  It’s like Christmas.  There’s excitement, relaxation, family time, and football games. I feel all warm and cozy, but then there’s also a little sadness that the weekend has to end, just like at Christmas. Don’t you ever feel that way Christmas night?  OH MAN! We have to wait a whole year for this awesome day to return! No more gingerbread cookies, carols and lights.  The family disperses back to their homes.  That how Sundays are for me.  After Sundays, Ayden goes to school, Chad’s off to work and I’m here at home getting back in my routine. I can’t hear Chad screaming at the TV and can’t listen to Ayden talk about Mario, play Mario, breath Mario for the day.

Tomorrow is my only day off this week and I need to go grocery shopping. You would laugh if you looked into our fridge and pantry-there’s cereal, cereal, cereal, granola bars, and cereal (which all happens to be Ayden’s favorites).  The funny thing is we have NO MILK.  I use to actually love getting out and going to the store, but now I don’t like it at all.  I don’t  know if it’s because I cut coupons & look for deals? It’s become more of a hassle, more stressful.  I have like 100 things in my hands at the store.  I have my grocery list, my e-meals weekly family plan, my pen, my erasable marker, my coupons, my phone and an advertisement. I’m trying to hold one thing and find another, while reaching down into my purse and dropping something on the ground. Then my cell phone rings. Where the h-e double hockey sticks is pen? AHHHH!

ANYHOW. Sunday is basically over, the sun is going down and there is this glow streaming in the windows.  I couldn’t help but take pictures. I couldn’t help, but thank God for all of the beauty he has created. Sure there’s a lot of bad in this world, but people forget that there’s also a lot of good.  What a night! What a Sky! Hope these pictures give you a sense of hope and peace.  That’s what tonight’s sky did for me. 

My circuit today was ALL ABOUT ARMS (and some abs) Did it 3 x through


Breakfast was boring.  Once again I didn’t have much to work with.  I had protein powder oatmeal which I can honestly say I’m not a fan of….if anyone has tips on how to not taste the protein like crazy in oatmeal I’d love to know.  I added a few chocolate chips and that seemed to help.  THIS IS WHAT I WISH IT HAD LOOKED LIKE.

Cookies and Oats

1/2 cup oats

1 cup water

1/2 scoop protein powder

sea salt

1-2 tsp peanut butter

sugar free syrup

a few chocolate chips

I put my oats in a bowl, added my water, salt and protein powder. Stirred it all up.  Put it in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes.  Stirred again.  Added peanut butter and syrup. Nuked for 30 seconds.  Added the chocolate chips.  DONE.


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