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Are You My Friend? A Kickboxing Circuit, Grape? Nutter Butter Oatmeal

on September 27, 2013

I want to say this in the nicest way possible, but I don’t know how, so here goes…. I’m tired of getting invited to at home sales party’s & I’m tired of the calls, texts and emails as well.  This is coming from a person that has sold Arbonne and Thirty-One in the past. WOW! I feel like a hypocrite!

Look, I have quite a few friends that are employed with Mary Kay, Scentsy, etc.  I truly respect what these women are doing.  I understand how aggravating it is to try to get your product out there, a product you believe in.  I know how it feels to be constantly working at home and going to meetings in the evenings and not making any money from your hard work.  I know how it feels to clean your house, buy food and drinks and not having anyone show up for a party,  when 10 people said they would be there. 

It was always nice to have the support of family and friends.  I try my best to support others, but here’s the REAL problem I’m having, no BS.  I no longer feel like I have friendships with those people I thought were my friends, they only call me when they’re in need. I have had numerous friends invite me to hang out, meet at a coffee shop, get our kids together or stop over to visit & low and behold-each time they would hit me with there sales pitch and start pulling out their flyers & samples.  I would get a calls from a few friends and be thrilled to hear from them and WHAMM they would ask me if I wanted to purchase something or attend their party.

There are people that say that I’m a nice person, but I don’t know? I’ve had it with this.  I’ve probably not made the best move, but I decided to no longer pick up my phone for these people or respond to their invites. I feel like I’m in hiding!  It’s ridiculous and I shouldn’t feel this way.  I don’t want to go to a few organizations I enjoyed and was apart of and I don’t even want to go to the church I was considering going to. 

This may sound extreme, but you don’t know where I am…or maybe you do?  Perhaps this is not typical where you live, but I can tell you as a military wife that this is all over, all the time. Respectfully, women have to make extra money, but they also need to be home with their kids while their husbands are gone and they are playing the role of mommy and daddy. Self employment becomes one of the only options.  Again, I’ve been there.  I wonder?  When I was self employed did people try to run away when I approached?  Did they not pick up their phone when they saw my name pop up on their caller ID?  Well, I don’t blame them.  In fact, if you are or were my friend and I pushed you away because of my job….I’m very sorry.

The moral of this very long, slightly over exaggerated story is that if someone is your true friend and they say they don’t want the products you’re selling, it’s not because they don’t like you. They seriously DONT want the product, or can’t afford it.  If they don’t want to become a consultant then they DON’T want to work for that company or be apart of that line of work.  Believe them, accept it and continue on with the friendship and don’t badger them.  If your friend wants to be apart of your business and sees that you are doing well & becomes interested, then by all means help lead them in right direction.  Thank you for reading through my rant. I feel better now. It took a long time for me to decide to get this out.  I never want to offend anyone, but there are times you must speak the truth.


I’ve been feeling a little edgy (as I’m sure you can tell) and so today I did a Kickboxing Circuit.  I did this Circuit 4 X’s instead of 2 or 3.

For breakfast I was confused.  It was a kind of chilly out and I felt like a bowl of oatmeal, but the only fruit I had to add were grapes.  I have never tried to use grapes in any of my recipes.  I grabbed a handful of grapes and nuked them for 45 seconds.  I mashed them (juice squirted all over me) and then added 1/2 oats and 1 cup water (still no dang Almond milk).  I also sprinkled on some salt and stevia.  I let it cook for about 1 minute.  I took it out and mashed it more and stirred it up.  Then I added 1 to 2 Tbsp of Nut Butter and of course sugar-free syrup. I don’t know I liked it (mainly because of it’s fleshy skin), but it gave me energy to clean my neighbors house, so it must have done something right.  I made Butternut squash tonight and I have a ton of leftovers, so of course I will be using that in my breakfast in the morning.


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