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Mommy – Daddy time, Don’t Wanna Workout and Thank God for Sweet Potatoes

on September 21, 2013

p>Date night comes in many forms.  Chad and I had planned on going to the Rabbit Hole http://www.rabbitholedinner.com/wordpress and a movie, but our plans changed and I’m glad they did.  First of all, there are no movie out that really look appealing to me.   I think the best option would have been, Prisoners.  Secondly, it really kills me when you go out to dinner and spend $10 bucks on one drink and $20 on a meal that you’re husband can cook even better.  Thirdly, Chad and I both have had sore throats and we just didn’t feel great.  We ended up having a date night at the house.  To some, it may sound lame, but we had a great time and didn’t have to worry about driving home and getting dressed up.  We also have never had a night alone in our new home.  I don’t think Ayden has had a sleep over for over a year.  He used to have them all the time and then all of a sudden he started getting really upset about staying somewhere else at night. He would say that he was going to miss us, the dogs and his bunny.  He made it through the night at his best friends house 🙂 Chad once again became a bartender, serving up some light Margaritas (if there is such a thing).  I love Margaritas and HIS ARE OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Then he made some Kabobs and sweet potatoes on the grill.  If you have never put your sweet potatoes on the grill….YOU MUST TRY IT.  They are absolutely the best thing ever.  I was pretty full from the Margaritas swishing around in my stomach, but once I smelled those tator’s I had to eat ’em up. 

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR DATE NIGHTS?  I think it would be fun to do some paint ball, horse back riding, a murder mystery dinner or laser tag.  Something different.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

I seriously can’t even imagine jumping up and down today.  Sometimes I wonder if having a rest day just makes me want to continue to rest.  I just had my breakfast though and feel like I have a little more energy, so I guess I’ll get to it.  I must do it now though because I probably will lose the drive in a few hours.  Tomorrow I think I’ll try to put together my own circuit, but today I’m stealing other people’s ideas once again. 

Since the sweet potatoes were so tasty and I had a half of one left I decided to incorporate it into my breakfast.sweet

Here’s what you need-

1/2 cup sweet potatoes

1/2 cup oats

3 tbsp water

1 eggs



peanut butter

sugar-free syrup

I started firing up the griddle and spraying on some olive oil.  The I blended the sweet potatoes, egg, oats, water,  & salt together.  I then poured the mix onto the griddle.  While cooking I heated up my syrup and added a little stevia, sea salt and cinnamon to it.  (I love the cinnamon syrup).  I flipped my pancake to cook the other side.  While the other side was cooking I spread peanut butter on the already cooked side.  When the pancake was done I placed it on a plate and poured on my syrup.  It was yummy, but the inside of the pancake was really mushy.  Perhaps next time I will try to make the pancake thinner and keep the heat a little bit lower or maybe I won’t add as much sweet potato? 

I’m always making new things for breakfast. If you have any healthy ideas, please share them 🙂  Have a great Saturday – I better go workout before I convince myself not to.


3 responses to “Mommy – Daddy time, Don’t Wanna Workout and Thank God for Sweet Potatoes

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  2. Here is the link if you can’t see the work out….looks blurry but I’ve edited this so many times and the changes are staying…here’s the link http://www.pinterest.com/pin/11399805279633256/

  3. Jjdith Diamond says:

    Dave and I have date night every Saturday night! We RARELY go out and we have NO obligations at home! Dave usually grills a steak and we have grilled veggies. It is SO delicious! We drink a bottle of red or make margaritas and just try to spend some quality time together! Makes such a difference in our lives. Lately we have been spending a lot of our Saturdays in Caldwell so by the time we get back to Houston, we are both too tired to cook so we stop by Alicia’s and grab a few margaritas and share some nachos! Not quite the same but always feel good when I get home and sleep like a baby! 🙂

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