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New Dentist, Overnight Oats and A Day of REST!

on September 20, 2013

This morning was a rise and roll out of bed kind of morning.  I don’t even remember if I brushed my hair.  I got Ayden up and ready and we jetted out the door to dah dah daaaaaah the dreaded dentist.  Ayden and I went to a new place about 3 minutes from our house. I ABOLUTELY LOVED everything about it.  Ayden walked in slowly and then as if Santa was sitting across the room, he took off with a smile.  That’s when I looked over and saw video games. Then to make things even better he got to watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs while they cleaned his teeth (we can’t wait to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 by the way)  Could going to the dentist get any better?  I think not.  Well, perhaps giving the adults a massage, wine and a mani/pedi might be a step up.  Although I would be drooling even more on the hygienist than usual.  They gave us some really nice little gifts. Ayden got a Critter’s book and an electric tooth brush.  I got a coffee cup, a cookie cutter and some hot chocolate.  That’s what I’m talking about 🙂  The lady that cleaned my teeth was so gentle and her hands were so tiny.  I told her, “It’s seriously like you were meant to do this.”  I kind of felt silly after I said that, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She said her mom always tells her that and she thought she was just saying that.  I totally agree with her mom. My last dentist was nice, but I liked that this dentist remembered that we are human.  The last lady that cleaned my teeth practically scraped them off and then would LECTURE me about flossing Ayden’s teeth for 30 minutes.  It made me want to hide. They also would act as if I was to never have tea, coffee or gum.  Heck NO! I’m not going to stop having those things.   You can take away a lot of things from this lady, but not her coffee. I’ll go all kinds of Dexter on ya LOL.  DO YOU GET ANXIOUS FOR DENTIST APPOINMENTS?  DO YOU LIKE YOUR DENTIST?

Today I’m taking a break from the circuit training. Thank the Lord Almighty.  I started getting a really sore throat and feel really fatigued.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and can knock out another circuit.  Plus tonight I’m celebrating our Anniversary.  Some alone time is well overdue. 

As for breakfast I made some overnight oats.  It was a strange and random mixture of ingredients.


last night I put these things into a bowl…

1/2 cup oats

11/2 cups water -still don’t have my almond breeze milk 😦

1 scoop protein powder  (darn cookies n cream)

-1/2 banana

– Sea Salt

-1 tbsp. Chia seeds

I stirred it up REAL NICE and put it in the fridge

In the morning I heated the oatmeal up for 2 1/2 minutes and then added a little sugar-free syrup and a few chocolate chips.  YES I added some CHOCOLATE and it was GOOD! 

Well, have a great Friday night!  I’m going to get Ayden ready for his sleep over and myself ready for date night.


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