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It’s Not Rain, It’s A Hard Drizzle? Withdrawals, A Circuit & My Favorite Breakfast.

on September 17, 2013


The rain is still falling in Colorado.  Homes have been destroyed and lives have been taken.  Many people were praying for rain during the fires and now the rain is here.  I just pray that God would comfort all those that have lost and they he bring a rebalance to the land.  He knows what he is doing, even though some times it’s hard for us to understand.  I keep thinking about how life can change so abruptly.  I’m sure most people don’t think that their life will end on account of rain.  It’s insane! I have to say the news always has a way to either make things worse or make light of things.  Usually they are great at making you feel like the world is coming to an end, but this time around I think they are trying to calm the hearts of many.  I looked at my cell phone yesterday before leaving for my Dr.’s appointment and the weather forecast stated, “Hard Drizzle.”  As I looked out my window at the rain pouring down I decided that maybe a hard drizzle was a great way to word it.  Maybe we should all think of hard situations as a hard drizzle instead of a killer storm.  For all the storms in our life will pass and we will weather every storm one way or another.

So I don’t know if I should tell you that I take an anti-anxiety medicine or not?  But it’s too late.  I’ve have been taking Zoloft for about 8 months and it has helped me immensely.  It has helped me in my recovery from my eating disorder.  It has also allowed me to put on some healthy weight.  I’m still hoping my body is healing itself 100%, so that perhaps we can have more kids.  Well, last week Ayden was sick with his dizzy spell and Chad was out in the field and I was unable to pick up my prescription.  I get my medicine on a military base, so it’s not like I can just have anyone go pick it up for me.  Yesterday, I had been off it for 5 days and I felt absolutely crazy.  I had so much pressure in my forehead and I was lightheaded.  I also felt ANGRY and IRRITABLE.  I was cursing about things under my breath, I had a little road rage because some lady was talking on her cell and ATTEMPTING to drive.  She almost took us out.  I seriously think I could have kicked Dwayne Johnson’s butt because I was in attack mode. I could have ran a 10 mile marathon.  I was pumped.  Good news.  I got refills and will continue taking Zoloft.  I hope to one day wean myself off.  I don’t like the fact that I have to take a pill to feel better.  Do you take any meds? DId they help or hurt?  Did they make you gain weight?  Were you able to get off of them?  I really want to know.

I had my favorite breakfast today…

Peanut Butter Banana Oats


I made them a little different, but they were still good.

You need:

-1/2 Oats

– 1 Cup water or unsweetened Almond milk (milk of choice)

– 1/2 banana

– Sea salt

– 1-2 Tbsp of Adam’s crunchy/creamy peanut butter (or any natural peanut butters…look at ingredients should only say PEANUTS  and maybe a little salt, not a list of 20 ingredients).

-Pure maple syrup or sugar-free syrup (I use sugar free although pure maple is better for you).

Here’s how I make it EASY

Put oats, water, banana and a dash of sea salt in a bowl and nuke for 1 min 30 seconds. Then stir it up.  I make sure the banana is totally smooth.  You can even put it in the blender for a smoother bowl of oatmeal like I did today.

Then I add my peanut on the top and drizzle sugar-free syrup with another dash of sea salt. I nuke again for 30 seconds to heat up the peanut butter and syrup. 

You can leave the chunk of peanut butter on top (that’s how I like it) or you can stir, or blend it all together.

As for a Circuit I think we need more of a cardio today after our weights yesterday.

You can do this 2-3 times through. I like to warm up with a fast walk, run in place or jump rope for about 5 minutes before and a cool down with great stretches for 5 minutes after.

cardio circuit workout



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