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22 Ways to love & accept your body JUST THE WAY IT IS :)

on August 26, 2013


I’ve decided to post my long as heck posts on my blog page instead of Facebook.  I have to figure out what I’m doing because I have totally forgot how wordpress works.  Anyways,

#19. Fully accept compliments you receive.

Friend says, “Erica, you look nice today.”  Erica says, “Oh no!  I’m a mess.” “I didn’t get any sleep, I didn’t have time to do my makeup, I just feel gross.”   Erica should says this, “Thank you.  I think you look beautiful today.”  ” I love your dress.” 

This is something I have to consciously work at. Compliments have always made me feel a little uncomfortable.  What is it with compliments?  When I don’t get complimented for a while I feel unnoticed, dull and sometime unappreciated, but when I get them I feel awkward and uneasy. 

Compliments are so good for you and for the relationships’ you are in.  They don’t have to be about someone’s appearance.  You can tell someone what makes them dear to your heart and thank them for their place in your life.  Those kind of compliments lift people’s spirits and give them encouragement.  Life is too hard not to tell those that you love what makes them so special to you.  There is a reason you have been attracted to your husband and your friends and it has a lot more to do with their presence and personality than it does their looks ,so TELL THEM every chance you get.

Haven’t you ever noticed that a person that would consider gorgeous on the outside can become the ugliest person ever because their attitude is obnoxious? Then there are those that are so-called “plain” and they become radiant before your eyes because of their kindness and consideration.

Complimenting your spouse is SOOOOO important.  We may all have different love languages, but every one deserves and appreciates a compliment.  I get so involved with whatever it is I’m doing that I have to stop, look at Chad and acknowledge how absolutely wonderful he is.  It has not always been so easy to do because we have had our share our struggles that has left us feeling damaged by each other time and time again. I try to let him know how much I appreciate his devotion, his transformation, how much he spends time with us, how he respects his job as a soldier, how handsome he looks in his uniform.  The more I tell him I’m thankful for the things he does, the more he wants to do them.  Which is great for the both of us 🙂 

If you haven’t complimented those around you.  Try it!  It will make them feel good and it will make you feel good.  I really find it uplifting to compliment a total stranger.  If you haven’t tried it, you should.  People will look at you in total shock….it’s awesome.  Give compliments and take them – this will bring you joy.


The article says this, “When you receive a compliment, do you shy away or try to negate it? The best way to receive a compliment is with a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ and possibly even a return compliment. Don’t just dismiss it as someone being nice. Take it to heart and believe what they said.”


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