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Breaking Free

on May 11, 2012


I can honestly say that I never thought the day would come when I would actually desire spending the entire weekend at church.  THE TIME HAS ARRIVED!  Starting tonight many people will come together at Radiant to finally BREAK-FREE; to break free from hurtful things they have been holding onto for years.  This weekend is a time to forgive others and to forgive ourselves.

The Challenge started back in February and each week we have discussed a different stronghold (the past, anger, guilt, depression, fear, anxiety, bitterness, addictions).  We looked at bible verses to help us learn what God says about these individual strongholds and what we can do to break away from them.  WOW!  DO I NEED SOME HELP!  I honestly can say that even if I saw the future sermon and thought, “Oh, I’m good in that area.”  I was WRONG!  Some of the sermons that got to my spirit the most were the ones I was sure that I had NO issues with.  “I’m not bitter!”  “I’m not angry!”  Hmmm really?  I guess I didn’t understand what those things were-  No, I am just in DENIAL!

Anyway, I have a lot work to do on myself, but I’m not going to EVER give up on myself either.  I have a loving & understanding God.  I’m never going to be perfect of course (although I’d like to think so-HA) but more than anything , what I’ve taken from break-free,  is that I’m really hard on myself.  I have been listening to lies from no one other than -The Devil.  Seriously, who else would make me hurt, make me feel worthless, make me sad, bitter, angry?  That’s NOT from God.  Would God really tell me that if I didn’t work-out ONE DAY that I was lazy?  NO!  Would God tell me that I wasn’t successful because I have not found a full-time job & am not financially stable?  NO!  Would God tell me that if I can’t buy or take Ayden somewhere special every single day, that I’m failure as a mom?  NO!

Being that I have OCD like tendencies, those lies REPEAT & REPEAT themselves all day long.  So, it’s not just like I hear something tell me, “that’s not good enough, Erica!”  “You could have done better!”  just ONE time, but I hear it OVER AND OVER AND OVER…ALL DAY LONG!  It keeps me from seeing the truth.  It keeps me from having the kind of relationships that I deserve with my Lord, my husband, my child,  my church family,  my family, and my friends.

If we can’t break-free from the clouds that hang over us, then we can never be the person that God has created us to be.  We can never do what God has designed us to do.  I know not all you that read this have a relationship with God, but take a second to look at your inner-self.  Are you happy?  Do you also hear the lies? It’s time to say GOOD BYE to the negative thoughts we have about ourselves.  If we see a few things that we think we could change, things like addictions and anger issues,  then we can try to get the help we need and all we can do is our best and PRAY, but no matter what- we should never believe the lies.  I hope if a lie pops in head today that you say, “STOP!”   I hope you see how amazing you truly are and how much you are capable of.  YOU ARE UNIQUE 🙂  YOU ARE LOVED.  God bless each one of you. Have a safe, fun filled weekend with those that mean so much to you. Amen.

P.S.  If you are looking for the sermons here is the link….http://radiantchurch.org/resources/sermon-media/break-free-2012  IT NEVER TOO LATE 🙂


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