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More than a Marriage Retreat

on May 8, 2012

I thought of so many different things that I could write about while we were enjoying the BREATHTAKING Estes Park.  I could write a blog about marriage; since after all it was a marriage retreat.  No, perhaps I should blog about parenting or family vacations.  Oh I got it, I got it-NATURE- AHHHH!

While I was there my mind was consumed with so many ideas, but now that I’m home my mind is as blank as a white piece of paper.  The retreat is in the past and the blogging ideas I had are just not the same now that I’m home.  In Estes Park I was surrounded by water, trees, animals, my family, and a view that  I can only describe as…the perfect post card.  Today,  I sit here at my desk TRYING to multitask. I’m on the phone with our bank finding ways to budget for some major future events, responding to emails and facebook messages, folding laundry in-between, and working –all at the same time.  The only noise I hear is the TV  because I turned it on low  just to give myself a little background noise.

I’m no longer surrounded by the calming sounds of nature, but instead I’m surrounded by this thing called, “real life.”  Some people feel relief when they get home from a trip, not me!  Sure, it’s nice to sleep in our bed, get back to my exercise & nutrition routine, clean my clothes,  get phone service :P,  and heck I can even turn on the TV and check my yahoo account, but what I feel most is not relief; it’s a LONGING to go back to this past weekend & push REPEAT.

There are two images that keep coming to my mind.  One is watching Chad and Ayden LAUGH!  I have not seen any of us laugh so hard in such a long time.  We were having a blast together!  The first night, we played basketball and rollerskated.   Ayden was cracking up while daddy was being silly trying to make a one-handed hoop.  The altitude and lack of sleep made us all delirious with laughter. I was dying laughing because the lodge we stayed in had built-in soap container in the shower labeled…. LUXURIOUS HAIR & BODY SOAP.  Chad kept talking about this luxurious soap we were using, which was more like foam sanitizer and anything, but luxurious.

The other imagine is not real.  It’s an imagine I put together with my imagination, but I see it as clear as day.   I’m sitting on a bench with a journal & a bible in the middle of the YMCA at Estes Park.  I’m doing a bible study and I’m writing and writing, the words are coming so quickly that it’s almost as if I’m not in my skin anymore.  The ONLY other thing that I’m doing is listening to the breeze, the sounds of a stream and the birds singing.  I don’t know what this means?  Maybe it’s a vision given to me to show me that I’m more passionate about writing than I thought or maybe it’s a vision telling me that I’m growing closer to God. Maybe there is no meaning to it and it’s just a pleasant place  for my mind to be – to rejuvenate my spirit. Do you have a place you can go in your mind to get away? I hope so!  I pray you find a place for yourself that puts all the trouble of life to rest & helps you find reassurance that all things we get so bent out of shape about are really not worth the time and effort we waste on them.

In our retreat we talked about little rocks and big rocks.  Little Rocks are thing like TV , internet, phones, video games, etc (anything we do that takes away a lot of our time/ otherwise known as distractions).  The Big Rocks are quality time with our family, showing love, communication, God.  We all tend to give the little rocks more of our attention and time.  Not only do the little rocks get our time, but most of the time they get the best of us.  They really only  give us momentary pleasure & sometimes they are nothing but a nuisance.  As time goes on the Big Rocks are neglected and families can start to break apart.  Family members become hurt, sad and distant.  I know this is true because it happens to so many of us.  Even the people who think they have their values in line, like me.

I learned so much about Chad, Ayden, and myself.  Most importantly I learned that getting away and seeing a beautiful unseen place can change everything.  It can help answer questions, it can ease worries and fears, it can bring out the person you have stuffed away somewhere.  It’s REFRESHING!  Although we were not far and we didn’t stay long, it was just what we needed.  It helped me remember that I get too carried away with the little stuff and I need to get into some better habits.  I hope to put more of my energy into things that matter.  I hope you too will have a chance to get away, to learn, to rekindle the flame, to find what,  “real life” truly is about.  I will leave you with this…..Begin with the end in mind. 


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