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Challenges – Good, bad, ugly

on April 25, 2012

Don't give up on yourself or others 🙂

Challenges. That word either make you cringe or makes you get pumped up.  Honestly, most of the time that word makes me want to hide.  “Oh Lord please don’t put another test in front of me?” ” I don’t want to go through anything else.”  “I’ve lost so much please don’t take anything else away.” “Lord,  I don’t think I can handle it.”

Chad and I have been discussing our future.  Re-enlist? get out?  move back to Texas?  stay in Colorado? What will he do if he does get out?  When will he deploy if he stays in?  If he deploys will our marriage survive? Will he come back different?  Will I become different?  Will Ayden be okay?  What kind of insurance will we have for Ayden? There are so many what if’s and we are just being overwhelmed with uncertainty.

Although challenges are not always fun they ARE inevitable and they are necessary.  They mold you into who you are and what you believe. So why then am I so scared and why can’t I let go and put things in God’s hands?  I am trying to let go.  I am trying to take my own advice which may be the problem.  What would I say to you if you came to me for advice?  Grab the challenge that lies before you with your hands and go with it.  Have fun and enjoy life.  Go see places you haven’t seen.  You only have one life.

It’s scary to not know the outcome and easy to try to predict the future, but the truth is you can’t control anything or plan for anything.  Things just come.  All we can do is our best and try to understand that the reasons things happen are beyond our comprehension.  God only knows.

I’ll try to take God’s advice instead -PRAYING!


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